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LIBER Asks Research Libraries to Support SCOSS Funding Call for SHERPA RoMEO

Posted: 21-11-2019 Topics: Open Access Strategy

As Europe’s largest association of research libraries, LIBER backs Open Access and wants it to become the main form of Scholarly Communication in 2022

We acknowledge that this goal cannot be achieved without the robust and viable support of certain key infrastructures. LIBER is therefore collaborating with SCOSS (the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services) to help maintain — and ultimately secure — vital infrastructure for Open Access and Open Science.

Our work with SCOSS is managed by Giannis Tsakonas, who sits on both the LIBER Executive Board and the SCOSS Board, and by Paul Johnson, who is part of the SCOSS Advisory Group and LIBER’s Open Access Working Group.

In 2018, SCOSS made an appeal to the funder, academic and library communities for funding on behalf of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and SHERPA RoMEO. Both services are widely-used within academia, are indispensable to the process of opening access to scientific knowledge, and have been vetted by SCOSS.

Call to Back SHERPA RoMEO

The DOAJ appeal has successfully won the funding needed to ensure its operation for the foreseeable future.

LIBER now asks its community to consider backing the SHERPA RoMEO appeal. As a valued directory of copyright and open access self-archiving policies of academic journals, LIBER believes it is important for this infrastructure to also continue and evolve.

The supported infrastructures of the second stage will be announced shortly. A third call will be advertised in early December.

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