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Enabling word-class research is serious work and LIBER is composed of a variety of people dedicated to making it work.  Meet our organisation!

Join The Board

  • Would you like to make an impact in the world of research libraries?

    Would you like to make an impact in the world of research libraries?

    LIBER is always looking for passionate librarians who want to take their professional development to the next level. By serving on our Executive Board, you will :

    • Be part of a dynamic and active group of library professionals, who are committed to furthering the work of research libraries across Europe.
    • Have a key say in setting LIBER’s strategic priorities, advising on and advancing the work of the association.
    • Network, exchange best-practices and share your expertise with library leaders within Europe and globally.
    • Gain hands-on experience with strategic planning, budget-setting and reporting

    Being on the Board is a fantastic way to make new connections and grow professionally. It’s also fun, as current and former Executive Board members say in this video.

  • What Is Expected?

    What Is Expected?

    As an Executive Board Member, we ask you to:

    • Actively Participate in Meetings. The Board meets three times a year, and discusses issues regularly by email. Please attend our meetings and share your expertise. Be ready to debate, compromise and work as a team for the best result.
    • Steer LIBER’s Strategy. Use experiences from your library to help set prorities which help all LIBER libraries with their needs.
    • Enthusiastically Promote LIBER’s Strategy and Mission. Share our campaigns and activities with your network.
    • Participate in the Work of LIBER. Understand and support LIBER’s policies and programmes and oversee their implementation.
    • Share Opportunities for Collaboration. Suggest projects and strategic partnerships.
    • Provide Financial Oversight. Help review the budget and financial reports.
    • Maintain Confidentiality. For the purposes of trusted decision-making, it is important that due confidentiality is observed.
    • Be responsive. Reply in a timely manner to requests for information or other action from Board Officers or other LIBER colleagues.
    • Participate in the Annual Conference. Chair a session or give a presentation.
    • Declare Conflicts of Interest. Please tell the President if you think you have a conflict of interest.
    • Be prepared to discuss concerns. If any aspect of the operation of the Board gives you cause for concern, feel free to express it openly or confidentially in private with any of the Board Officers.

    This list of responsibilities was approved by LIBER’s Executive Board in 2018 and is updated regularly. The detailed list can be found here.

  • Who Can Apply?

    Who Can Apply?

    Anyone working at a LIBER library can apply to join the Board. LIBER is strongly committed to equality, and to a Board that reflects the diversity of the LIBER community. We therefore welcome applications from younger candidates and from candidates in countries across Europe.

    When making appointments, we aim to:

    • Draw upon leading professional expertise in research libraries across Europe
    • Represent all parts of Europe as far as possible and maintain a fair geographical balance, taking account of both large and small countries
    • Seek to avoid being over-balanced towards any one part of Europe or towards any single country
    • Avoid having multiple Board members from a single LIBER library
    • Ensure that relevant areas of expertise (e.g. open science, digital libraries, copyright) are represented on the Board as and when required
    • Maintain a fair gender balance

  • Appointments Process

    Appointments Process

    Appointments to the Executive Board are made at the annual Meeting of Participants, held during LIBER’s Annual Conference. Vacancies on the Executive Board are announced in a Call for Nominations in the annual November, March and May mailings, and on the LIBER website.

    Participants in the Institution and Organisation categories, having paid their annual contribution to LIBER, are entitled to nominate candidates for appointment. Staff from Participant Libraries are eligible for appointment to the Executive Board. (LIBER Rules and Regulations, Art. 4.1.) The LIBER Executive Board welcomes candidate nominations from younger candidates and from candidates in countries across Europe.

    To obtain further information about the appointments process, and to discuss standing for appointment, please contact the Secretary-General.