2024 Call for Nominations to LIBER’s Executive Board

Posted: 15-04-2024 Topics: Executive Board Office News Strategy

Are you a passionate research librarian or library director who is committed to advancing the work of research libraries across Europe? Are you interested in LIBER’s work and have ideas for shaping the organization’s future strategic priorities?

LIBER is seeking one new candidate to serve on its Executive Board. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic and active group of library professionals, to network, exchange best-practices and share your expertise with library leaders within Europe and globally. Also this year, five members are willing to stand for re-appointment.

What Is Expected?

As an Executive Board Member, we ask you to:

  • Actively Participate. The Board meets three times a year and discusses issues regularly by email. Please attend our meetings and share your expertise. Be ready to debate, compromise and work as a team for the best result.
  • Steer LIBER’s Strategy. Use experiences from your library to set priorities which help all LIBER libraries with their needs.
  • Enthusiastically Promote LIBER’s Work and Mission. Share our campaigns and activities with your network.
  • Share Opportunities for Collaboration. Suggest projects and strategic partnerships.
  • Provide Financial Oversight. Help review the budget and financial reports.
  • Participate in the Annual Conference. Chair a session or give a presentation.
  • Declare Conflicts of Interest. Tell the President if you think you have a conflict of interest.

In accordance with the Statutes and the Rules and Regulations of the LIBER (Stichting) Foundation, appointments are due to be made at the Meeting of Participants (i.e., Annual General Meeting) on Thursday 4 July 2024, during the LIBER Annual Conference in Limassol, Cyprus, for the following vacancy on the LIBER Executive Board.


LIBER Board Member 

Nomination Process  
Board Members Appointments to the LIBER Executive Board are open to nominated candidates in all current LIBER Libraries in the Institution and Organisation categories. Candidates may be proposed by the nominee’s home library or by another LIBER Library. The consent of the candidate should be obtained by the proposer in all cases before a nomination is submitted. Candidates from current LIBER Libraries can also nominate themselves with the support of a proposer.   

Completed nominations on the Nomination Form should be returned to the Secretary-General by email (anja.smit@dans.knaw.nl).  Closing Date for Nominations is Thursday 19 June 2024.  Please note that the LIBER Executive Board welcomes candidate nominations from libraries in countries in all parts of Europe and from younger candidates. 

Are you interested to read more about the role of LIBER’s board members, please take a look at our Join the Board page. 


The following five Executive Board members will have completed terms of office by July 2024. They are eligible for re-appointment for a further term of two years and are willing to stand for re-appointment:  

Cécile Swiatek, Paris Nanterre University, France 

Adam Sofronijević, University of Belgrade, Serbia  

Anna Clements, University of Sheffield, UK 

Dóra Kalydy, Academy of Sciences, Hungary 

Sara Lammens, Royal Library of Belgium 


Featured photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

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