LIBER Supports World Book Day – 23rd of April 2021

Posted: 21-04-2021 Topics: World Book Day

LIBER supports World Book Day which is celebrated on the 23rd of April each year. This year, we asked our team about this special day and what it means to them. Here’s what some of our team members had to say:



“For me, World Book Day means reflecting on the joys of reading. Especially after the year we’ve all had, escaping into a world with no travel restrictions, group limits, or curfew feels like a privilege. Now I just have to find a way to deal with my ‘tsundoku’!” – Roos






“Books are a constant reminder that I’m an eternal apprentice of knowledge.” – Iris





“Stories are at the essence of what humans are most proud of – the ability to experience. We grow up on stories, and when we find one meant for sharing, we turn to the written word. In books, we find ourselves, but we also find others. Sometimes, thankfully, we also find nothing at all. Human life seems to me to be a constant search for meaning, in whatever way that resonates, and books are tools, roadmaps intent on helping each of us on our own individual quests. International Book Day, to me, is a celebration of human life as stories and of this search for meaning, of this search for others, and of this search for ourselves. Books are the gifts humanity has given itself so that we might never forget what was, what is, or what could be.” – Laura


“World Book Day is hugely important to me coming from South Africa where so many still do not have access to books or are illiterate (although the overall literacy rate has significantly improved during the last two decades). I believe that access to books as well as teaching children to love and appreciate books from a young age is crucial. In fact, my son sees both myself and my husband reading almost daily. From a very young age, he was already able to turn the pages of a book and say ‘bookie’. Instilling the joys of reading in young children is such a great gift and has lifelong benefits!” – Elizabeth




“After countless months dipped in insecurity and completely dominated by screens, books provide for me the much-needed getaway and signing off refuge” – Athina





“Reading is a special kind of companion: It can help you escape; It can provide a reality check; It can take you to places and open your eyes, mind and heart. Happy world book day 2021!”- Vasso