Working groups

LIBER Architecture Working Group (LAG)

The following library professionals from the LIBER network participate in this working group.

LIBER’s Architecture Group (LAG) is part of the Research Infrastructure section of our 2018-2022 Strategy.

For questions about their work, please see the Architecture group page or contact Chair Marie-Pierre Pausch.


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Past Members

  • Jordi Puig y Batalla (Spain)
  • Alessandro Bertoni (Italy)
  • Graham Bulpitt (UK)
  • Martin Hallik (Estonia)
  • Anne Haugen (Norway)
  • Ewa Kobierska-Maciuszko (Poland)
  • Liesbeth Mantel (Netherlands)
  • Philippe Marcerou (France)
  • Elmar Mittler (Germany)
  • Márta Virágos (Hungary)
  • Inken Feldsien-Sudhaus (Germany)
  • Edeltraud Haas (Switzerland)
  • Eva Dibuszova (Czech Republic)
  • Marie-Françoise Bisbrouck (France)
  • Odile Grandet (France)
  • Sylvia Van Peteghem (Belgium)
  • Steen Bille Larsen (Denmark)
  • Karen Latimer (UK)
  • Ulrich Niederer (Switzerland)
  • Benjamin Meunier (UK)
  • Kira Stine Hansen (Denmark)
  • Ignasi Bonet Petix (Spain)